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Are you looking for a respectful way to resolve your family law matters? At The Acacia Group, we practice Collaborative Family Law, a constructive approach to resolving disputes that prioritizes cooperation and open communication. Lia Milousis is a dedicated Ontario collaborative family law lawyer and is here to help you navigate through challenging family issues with empathy, understanding, and a commitment to finding mutually beneficial solutions.

Why Choose Collaborative Family Law?

Preserve Relationships: Collaborative family law allows you to maintain a positive relationship with your former partner, which is especially crucial when children are involved. By promoting cooperation, we aim to reduce conflict and foster healthier communication between parties.

Find Flexible Solutions: You and your former partner maintain control over the outcome of your case, rather than leaving important decisions in the hands of a judge. This approach empowers both parties to actively participate in finding resolutions that work for everyone involved.

Protect Your Family’s Privacy: Collaborative family law proceedings are private and confidential, unlike traditional court hearings. This ensures that sensitive matters remain out of the public eye.

Prioritize the Children: We prioritize the well-being of your children and focus on creating solutions that meet their needs and best interests.

Reduce Costs: Collaborative family law often results in faster and more cost-effective resolutions compared to prolonged court battles.

Our Collaborative Family Law Services

Divorce and Separation: Our team will guide you through the divorce or separation process with respect and understanding, emphasizing open communication and cooperation.

Child Custody and Parenting Plans: We help create comprehensive parenting plans that consider your children’s unique needs and promote a positive co-parenting relationship.

Child and Spousal Support: Our team will work to find fair and equitable solutions for child and spousal support matters, fostering financial stability for all parties involved.

Property and Asset Division: We assist in the division of assets and property with a focus on fairness and transparency.

Post-Divorce Modifications: If circumstances change post-divorce, we can help you modify existing agreements through collaborative means.

Unbundled Family Law Services

Unbundled family law services, also known as limited scope representation or discrete task representation, is a legal service model that offers clients the flexibility to choose and pay for specific legal services, rather than hiring a lawyer for full representation throughout their entire family law case. In this approach, the lawyer and client work together on specific aspects of the case, tailoring the legal assistance to the client’s specific needs and budget.

We offer the following unbundled services:

  • Review of financial statements,
  • Assistance in drafting correspondence or legal proceedings,
  • Assistance with the completion of court forms,
  • Pre-hearing coaching about courtroom procedure and rules, and Providing independent legal advice.

The Collaborative Process

Initial Consultation: Schedule a consultation to discuss your family law matter and learn more about the collaborative process.

Collaborative Team Building: Each party selects their own collaborative lawyer, and together, you build a team of professionals, including financial experts and family specialists, to support you throughout the process.

Negotiation and Resolution: Through cooperative negotiations, we strive to reach mutually beneficial agreements that address the interests and concerns of both parties.

Formalizing Agreements: Once agreements are reached, our team will draft the necessary legal documents to formalize the arrangements.

Moving Forward: With your family’s best interests in mind, we help you transition into the next chapter of your lives with confidence and clarity.

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