Legal Services

Constitutional and General Litigation

Charity and Not-for-profit law

We provide all legal services required for charities and not-for-profits including:

Ecclesiastical and Church Law

We have expertise in ecclesiastical and church law and provide expert counsel on:

Education Law

We act for private schools and post-secondary institutions including colleges, universities and seminaries. We provide counsel on:

Estates Law

Health Law

We have particular expertise in healthcare law as it relates to faith-based hospitals and healthcare institutions, as well as to individual healthcare practitioners and professional associations. We provide counsel in relation to:

Human Rights and Charter of Rights and Freedoms Law

Churches and faith-based organizations are increasingly facing disputes related to human rights or Charter of Rights and Freedoms issues. We have extensive experience and expertise in these matters and provide advice and representation related to:

Political and Public Policy Law

We provide counsel and representation in political and public policy matters. Our services include those related to:

Corporate / Commercial

Legal Research and Supreme Court Advocacy

Employment Law

We provide a number of employment law services to employers and employees, including: